Yesterday on Morning in America, Bill had an outstanding interview with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. As Bill points out during the interview, Sen. Scott speaks like an Old Testament prophet, frequently invoking Scripture and speaking with a unique boldness and clarity. Sen. Scott begins the interview by emphasizing that an American revival must come from within the hearts of its people. He talks poignantly about a recent prison visit he made where he observed that destruction of the family, lack of education, and poverty are the three overriding factors for why many people end up in prison. He then segues to education reform, focusing on school choice in particular. Sen. Scott highlights the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (which Pres. Obama keeps trying to defund) as the perfect example of how education reform can lift children out of poverty and bad circumstances. He cites the fact that the average D.C. public school student costs more than $22,000 a year to educate, while the D.C. Opportunity student costs around $8,000 a year. Furthermore, the DC public school graduation rate is slightly above 50 percent and students with a D.C. Opportunity Scholarship have a graduation rate over 90 percent. The contrast is stunning. This is a powerful example of education reform as a solution to economic mobility that Republicans should be talking about everyday. We need more Republicans in the mold of Sen. Scott.



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