For those of you who don’t know him, Dr. Michael Welner is one of the world’s preeminent forensic psychiatrists. He is Chairman of the Forensic Panel and has worked on and testified in some of the most prominent criminal cases in recent history, such as the trial of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnappers. He studies some of the most depraved and violent murderers and is an expert on criminal behavior. As such, he helps Morning in America grapple with terrible events like the Sandy Hook shooting and, most recently, the Germanwings disaster (which now appears to be a mass murder).

Dr. Michael Welner is a man of conviction who speaks with uncommon clarity and candor about evil and the human condition. In this interview, he discusses the mental condition of the co-pilot and how the spectacle of mass homicide can transcend mental illness. Dr. Welner believes that today’s mass media culture helps foster these mass murder spectacle killings. By focusing so intently and incessantly on these disasters, the media can end up immortalizing the murderer and putting them on a pedestal in the eyes of a similarly deranged or troubled soul.  In Dr. Welner’s words, the 24/7 media creates “monuments to obscenity.” Instead, the media should treat the co-pilot like Jerry Sandusky and put to shame his actions. Dr. Welner also remarked that when someone is a pilot and has people’s lives in their hands we should be more willing to make public to parents, doctors, etc… that person’s health or mental issues. The entire interview is fascinating and definitely worth your time.

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